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Geschrieben am: 02-11-2003 @ 12:01 am

  "Der Fuehrer's Face"
The original title of this short was "Donald Duck in Nutziland." A German "oom-pah" band parades through town extolling the "virtues" of the Fuehrer with the title song. They awaken Donald Duck who has to go to work in a Nazi munitions factory, much to his regret. Luckily in the end, after a frantic workday trying to alternate between making bombs and saluting Hitler, he finds that it has all been a nightmare and that he is still living the the good old U.S.A.

Victory Vehicles
July 30, 1943
Goofy demonstrates different modes of transportation for wartime travel. Characters

Reason and Emotion
August 27, 1943
A subtle propaganda film features the two halves of a man's (and woman's) mind; the rational half and the emotional half, as they each try to gain control over a person's actions.

Commando Duck
June 2, 1944
Donald is given a wartime assignment to wipe out a Japanese airfield. The german Video is uncut! And it is in englisch language with subtitles. But it is PAL. D'oh!

Education for Death
A rather depressing story as Little Hans, a young German youth, is indoctrinated into the Nazi way of life, with tragic results.


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