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Finger weg von Podcasts!

This feature [<=Podcasts (symyp)] allows liberal media direct access to young Americans without any of the safeguards that make TV channels like Fox News fair and balanced. A quick scan though some of America’s most popular podcasts is proof enough that a dangerous liberal minority have seized control over this influential channel.

sehr, sehr lesenswert: Der gesamte Artikel über dieses liberale Teufelszeugs bei ShelleyTheRepublican, dem Blog mit dem hübschen Untertitel:

"FOR GOD, FREEDOM AND GEORGE W. BUSH - ONE NATION UNDER GOD : : U - S - A : (love it or leave it!)"

[via MixBurnRip]

17. May 2006 um 9:31 Uhr von symyp

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  • 1. malo  |  17. May 2006 um 13:40

    Das Blog ist Satire, sollte man vielleicht dazu sagen. :)

  • 2. tractatus  |  22. May 2006 um 10:47

    Dass der Blog Satire ist, checken tatsächlich wenige Leute. Da gibt es schön aufgeregte Diskussionen auf diversen Boards über die "dumme konservative Amerikanerin" Shelley.

  • 3. tractatus  |  22. May 2006 um 10:52

    Der Link zum Artikel funktioniert übrigens nicht, aber auch schön: der Fake-Leserbrief von Rick an Shelley: "Hey Shelley,I am Rick , 29, father of 6 living near Oshkosh, WI. My buddy Josh showed me your website and I find it really awesome. F*cking liberal dipsh*ts! Reveal them damn liberals for what they are - nothing more than dirt on my boots!Please I want you and Tristan to pray for me and my wife, Ruth. She’s in the hospital at the moment. She tripped and hit her head. To be honest we had a fight. After she lost her job in the meat packing plant nearby our marriage is more difficult than ever. Sometimes I hit her, ok, but it’s her fault most of the times. She’s just pushing my buttons."



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